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I started off the game of Life with 

graphic design.

Side missions included tutoring,

and fixing tech problems for people.

🎖Achievements: became a Student Council Member, earned some coins

🎒Collectors items: 1x Degree 

Along the way, some wishes came true and my dreams told me 

really really pink buildings are something to be thankful for.


🎖Achievements: 2x Gold (Muse Creative Awards, 2020), 2x Centauri (Vega Digital  Awards, 2020), 1x Bronze (Summit International Awards, 2020), 1x Shortlist (New York Festivals, 2020) 

🎒Collectors items: a lot of memories; 2x bigger Degrees

On my next  🎲 , I'm looking to 

reach some milestones

Want to ⭐️ in my game of Life?

What can I bring to the table?
hmm... my friends tell me I cook some good Thai food.
I believe I've gained some reputation for spicing up Friendsgivings 🔥
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